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Welcome to HandsOn Tech Detroit! HandsOn Tech is a national initiative made possible through a partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, HandsOn Network, and Google. In Detroit, the HandsOn Tech Americorps VISTA team is hosted by Highway T, whose mission is to empower local nonprofits to use technology to serve their clients and communities and fulfill their missions. Our mission strives to address digital deficiencies in nonprofits and communities through ...

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Family Fitting Room
Come Design Your Visit
July 1, 2009, 5:30 pm - August 30, 2019, 9:30 pm

Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Michigan Nonprofit Management Manual
The MI Nonprofit Management Manual is a comprehensive hands-on guide to growing nonprofit orgs.
Detroit, Michigan, United States
House of Hope
An on-site volunteer program where individuals dedicate three months to a year's time volunteering.
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Baked goods, bagels, donuts, cookies, brownies, etc.
Baked goods needed for refreshements for Feb. 9 open house event.
Detroit, Michigan, United States
breakfast breads, cookies, yogurt, water bottles (sm), hot chocolate, fruit
refreshements for our open house
Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Engaging and mobilizing your community using Peoplemovers
Want to help your city thrive? Looking for ways to make a difference where you live in a way that impacts the world? Then join us on ...
Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Teens have a smart reason for abandoning Facebook and ...
When my digital media students are sitting, waiting for class to start, and staring at their phones, they are not checking Facebook. They?re not checking Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter. No, ...
Add GE's Relocation to Cincinnati's Urban Renaissance
General Electric has a strong regional presence in the Cincinnati area, but none of its 10 facilities are located downtown. That is about to change thanks to Cincinnati's urban revival making ...
Baltimore Water Wheel Takes out the Trash—40 Tons since ...
Part innovative urban design solution, part historic and simple design solution, the city of Baltimore's trash-collecting water wheel has been an unmitigated success at mitigating the trash in ...
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Beaumont Health System
Royal Oak, Michigan, United States
Southeast Michigan Caucus
Michigan, United States
Sheffield Office Park
Troy, Michigan, United States
Detroit, Michigan, United States
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